Friday, April 8th

8:30am- Registration (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)


9:00am- Welcome (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)

Zachary E. Stone (University of Virginia)


9:30am- Panel: Modes of Knowledge (Maury 104)

Ruen-chuan Ma (Columbia University): ‘The Exemplarity of Data: Codicology and Thematic Assemblage in Gower’s Confessio Amantis

Helen Cushman (Harvard University): ‘The Digital Margin’

Michael Madrinkian (University of Oxford): ‘Bibliography and the Problems of Genre Theory: The Manuscript Contexts of Piers Plowman

Moderated by Michelle Ripplinger (University of California, Berkeley)


11:00am: Critical Conversation: Literature and History (Minor 125)

Prof. Steven Justice (University of California, Berkeley)

Prof. Emily Steiner (University of Pennsylvania)

Moderated by Prof. Bruce Holsinger (University of Virginia)


1:00pm: Lunch Workshop: Pedagogy (Alderman 421)

Prof. James Seitz (Writing Program Director, University of Virginia)


3:00pm: Critical Conversation: Philosophy and Form (Minor 125)

Prof. Kellie Robertson (Univesity of Maryland)

Prof. Russ Leo (Princeton University)

Moderated by Prof. John Parker (University of Virginia)


5:00pm: Roundtables

Modes of Knowledge (Maury 113)

Ingrid Pierce (Purdue University): ‘Auditory Poetics & the Ear of the Reader in Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowles

Sherif Abdelkarim (University of Virginia): ‘Flights of fancy: speeding up, slowing down, flashing forward in Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowles

Marian Homans-Turnbull (University of California, Berkeley): ‘“My labour al the day”: Literary Work in the Parliament of Fowles’

Julie K. Chamberlin (University of Indiana, Bloomington): ‘Lawe, Trouthe, and Magyk Natureel: Human-Object Relations in the Franklin’s Tale

Joseph Stadolnik (Yale University): ‘Traces of Confidence in Late-Medieval Drama’

Moderated by Daniel Davies (University of Pennsylvania)

Philosophy and Form (Minor 130)

Rebecca Huffman (University of Michigan): ‘Julian of Norwich’s “Evenchristene” and Mass Readership in a Manuscript Culture’

Jasmin Miller (University of California, Berkeley): ‘Thinking About Progress: Contemplative Doubt in Julian of Norwich’s Showings

Evan Cheney (University of Virginia): ‘Towards “kynde knowing:” Ductus, Actor-Network Theory, and the Agency of Words in Piers Plowman’

Christy McCarter (Purdue University): ‘The Canterbury Tales as a Literary History of the Book’

Moderated by Sarah Townsend (University of Pennsylvania)

History and Literature (Maury 110)

Mariah Junglan Min (University of Pennsylvania): ‘“Talking Body”: A Portrait of St. Erkenwald as a Queer Historian’

Elise Coughlin Wang (Princeton University): ‘”In worlde quat weghe thou was”: St. Erkenwald’s theory of historical measurement’

Aparna Chaudhuri (Harvard University): ‘Matter and Meta-history in St Erkenwald

Chase Palusniak (Princeton University): ‘St Erkenwald and Fluid Historicity’

Jamie Staples (New York University): ‘Embracing Alterity: Queer Historicism, Individualizing Difference, and the Value of Periodization’

Sarah Moore (University of Alabama, Huntsville): ‘Biopolitics and the Hawk-knight in Marie de France’s Yonec

Moderated by Spencer Strub (University of California, Berkeley)

Saturday, April 9th

9:30am- Panel: Philosophy and Form (Maury 104)

Travis Neel (Ohio State University): ‘The Allegory / Affect of Thomas Hoccleve’s “encombrous thoght”’

Taylor Cowdery (Harvard University): ‘Old Materialism, New Materialism: Hoccleve and Form’

Rebecca Hill (University of California, Los Angeles): ‘Methods of Metaphor in Thirteenth-Century Vernacular Poetry’

Moderated by Spencer Strub (University of California, Berkeley)


11:30am: Panel: Literature and History (Maury 104)

Justin L. Barker (Purdue University): ‘Indeterminate, Dynamic Matter and Poetic Authority in John Metham’s Amoryus and Cleopes

Usha Vishnuvajjala (University of Indiana, Bloomington): ‘Image and Affect in Ywain and Gawain’

Sierra Lomuto (University of Pennsylvania): ‘The Ilkhanid Mongol Princess of Tars: Bridging New Historicism and Medieval Postcolonialism in Middle English Romance’

Moderated by Sarah Townsend (University of Pennsylvania)


1:00pm: Lunch Workshop: The Digital Humanities (Alderman 421)

The Scholars Lab (University of Virginia)


3:00pm: Seminars

Modes of Knowledge (Minor 130)

Philosophy and Form (Maury 110)

History and Literature (Maury 113)


5:00pm: Modes of Knowledge (Minor 125)

Prof. Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto)

Prof. Patricia Ingham (University of Indiana, Bloomington)

Moderated by: Prof. Clare Kinney (University of Virginia)


7:30: Conference Dinner (Kardinal Hall)

Please contact Zachary E. Stone ( if you are interested in attending.